7 Art Deco Nail Ideas That Give Roaring '20s Energy

Vampy Art Deco

A bold, vampy vibe with black and burgundy shimmer. This sophisticated two-tone design exudes elegance and mystery, ideal for a dramatic, eye-catching manicure.

Shell-Inspired Art Deco

Featuring white and blue glitter with dewdrop accents, this shell-inspired design offers a whimsical, oceanic twist on the classic art deco style.

Color Block Chic

Combining brown, pink, and white, this color-blocked design adds a modern twist to art deco. It’s a trendy, playful look that’s perfect for any season

Art Deco Dots

A simple yet detailed look with black French tips and graduated dots. This design is easy to recreate and adds a chic, minimalist touch to the art deco aesthetic.


Purple glitter and black French tips create a futuristic take on art deco. This look balances elegance and modernity

Art Deco Square

Black art deco designs on square-shaped nails demonstrate that this style isn’t limited to almond shapes.

Tuxedo Art Deco Nails

Matte black with shimmering gemstones, this design is perfect for formal events. The simplicity of the black matte combined with the sparkle of gemstones.