7 Beachy, Wavy Hairstyles to Take Inspo From

Classic Beach Waves

Use a curling wand or flat iron to create waves, then tousle with fingers and finish with a texturizing spray.Loose, tousled waves that mimic the natural texture of beach hair.

Messy Side Braid

Create loose waves with a curling iron, then braid hair to one side, gently pulling on sections to loosen the braid for a messier appearance.

Half-Up Half-Down Beach Waves

Curl hair with a curling iron, then pull back the top section and secure with pins or a hair tie.Half of the hair pulled back while the rest falls in loose waves.

Beachy Ponytail with Waves

Curl hair with a curling wand, gather into a ponytail, leaving some waves loose for a relaxed vibe.A high or low ponytail with textured waves for a carefree and chic look.

Textured Bob with Beach Waves

Use a flat iron or curling iron to create waves, tousle with fingers, and finish with a sea salt spray for texture.Perfect for a beach vacation, casual outings, or a day by the pool.

Loose Waves with Braided Accent

Create waves with a curling wand, then braid or twist a small section of hair near the face and secure with a bobby pin.Loose waves with a small braid or twist accent for added detail.

Top Knot with Beach Waves

Curl hair with a curling iron, gather into a high bun or top knot, leaving some waves loose around the face.Ideal for beach yoga sessions, morning walks, or a relaxed day at a beach resort.