7 Centerpiece Ideas For Any Kind Of Party

If you want to preserve a centerpiece for more than one occasion, dried flowers are the perfect way to keep them lasting for longer.

Dried Lasts Longer

A flower bouquet in the middle of the table is a classic move. Arrange the brightest floral.

Sunflower Frenzy

Set a festive table without falling into a holiday stereotype. Instead of going above and beyond to acknowledge.

Nod To The Occasion

Here, lovely white and pink-tinged florals with vibrant, green stems stun alongside similarly-colored decor.

Match Your Glassware

Flowers are far from the only centerpiece option. Still, having something fresh to ground your table will always be a lovely touch.

Beyond A Bouquet

Even if you're completely landlocked, a bit of tropical flair will never fail. Use palm leaves, island-inspired patterns, and whimsical colors.

Hint To The Tropics

Set a welcoming table with warm, soothing colors and cozy, natural textures. This display will stun no matter the season or occasion.

Warm And Toasty