7 Disobedient Dog Breeds That Are Known To Test Your Patience

Afghan Hound: Some people think of Afghan dogs as independent and having their own minds. However, their royal spirit and strong hunting skills can make them seem disobedient, especially to trainers who want strict, traditional behavior patterns.

Akita: The Akita, which comes from Japan, is also a smart breed. "The Akita was bred as a hunting dog in its home country of Japan," says The Scotsman. Although smart, this breed is known for being aggressive.

Basenji:  Basenjis are fun acrobats that wear fox-fur coats. They are often called "disobedient" because they like to do their own thing and give you the silent treatment. It takes at least 80 to 100 repeats to fully understand new orders.

Scottish Terrier: There are times when Scottish Terriers are independent and like to get into trouble. On the list of dog types that don't listen, Scottish Terriers are at the bottom because they were bred to be hunting and tracing dogs.

Bulldog: People sometimes mistake a Bulldog's independence and stubbornness for misbehavior, even though they are cute. "The Bulldog does everything on his own time," says iHeartDogs.

Borzoi: Borzoi dogs can be difficult to train because they have a royal air and like to be independent. Borzoi dogs come from working dogs that people used to have. They are also called Russian Hunting Sighthounds.

Siberian Husky: Some of the time, Siberian Huskies are cute and have big eyes. "The Siberian husky is the pride of the Tundra. It comes in many coats and sizes," as the nimble-footed dog serves both as a productive worker and a loyal companion.