7 Easy Hairstyles for Busy Women To Get In 2024

Through the use of some noticeable bangs and a cut-off that is chin-length, you may get an easy fashionable look.

French Bob

Keep it uncomplicated with a long bob style that is all one length for fast and effortless styling.

Blunt Lob

A little tilt makes a big difference. This A-line bob gives a traditional length a little more pop since it's not piled in the back.

A-Line Bob

Take a risk and have your shoulders chopped off. This look is both low maintenance and really attractive with a few layers.

Chin-Length Bob

Curls constantly need layering. A layered shoulder-length shag frames the face naturally and flatteringly.

Curly Shag

This bob is one-way to loudness vista. These layered layers may be styled with a blow-dry, so ditch your teasing brush.

Stacked Bob

Without a few inches in back, the traditional mullet is very low-maintenance. A little front styling and let the rear shine.

Short Mullet