7 Genius Garden Design Ideas from an Iconic American Landscape

Transform stairways into design features by incorporating natural elements. At Hollister House, granite steps blend with yellow-leaved dwarf spirea and violets, adding charm to functional pathways.

Design Around Stairways

A water feature, even a small one, brings tranquility to a garden. The rectangular pool at Hollister House creates a calming ripple, reflecting the sky and attracting wildlife.

Add Life with Water Features

Using repetition in planting creates visual harmony. The chartreuse dwarf spirea at Hollister House is echoed in shrubs and tulips, brightening the garden.

Repeat Plants

Let plants like forget-me-nots self-seed to introduce spontaneity. At Hollister House, these plants soften structured elements with their unexpected, charming.

Allow Plants to Self-Seed

Strategically place decorative pots to create visual interest and pause points. At Hollister House, a patinaed kettle filled with pansies serves as a delightful focal point, inviting exploration.

Stopping Points with Pots

Garden paths are crucial for guiding visitors through different spaces. At Hollister House, paths lined with forget-me-nots, lady s mantle, and tulips create a cohesive and inviting journey.

Pay Attention to Paths

Use hedges to define formal garden arrangements. At Hollister House, neatly trimmed boxwoods form parterres, offering a structured and elegant visual from above, suitable for any garden scale.

Geometry with Hedges