7 Loaded Cabbage Casseroles You Can t Resist

Slow-Cooked Chunky Chili

This hearty chili features pork sausage, ground beef, and plenty of beans, making it a perfect meal for busy days. It's great to keep in serving-size containers in the freezer for a quick

Layered Enchilada Casserole

This layered enchilada casserole is a cozy comfort dish that transforms a classic chili recipe into a scrumptious casserole. It's an ideal dish for family dinners.

Meaty Arugula Pizzas

Homemade pizza night is a cherished tradition for many families, and this meaty arugula pizza is sure to become a favorite. It's a great way to enjoy a tasty and satisfying meal together.

Green Chile Beef Burritos

These beef burritos are leaner in fat and calories, perfect for those looking to maintain a healthy diet. The meat is tender and flavorful, making it a delightful meal.

Slow-Cooked Pizza Casserole

This slow-cooked pizza casserole is a potluck favorite that can be easily adapted to suit personal tastes. It's a convenient and satisfying dish for any gathering.

Southwestern Casserole

This mild, family-pleasing southwest casserole is budget-friendly and delicious. The recipe makes enough for a second casserole to freeze and enjoy later, making meal planning easy.

Bratwurst Supper

Ideal for camping, this meal-in-one bratwurst supper grills to perfection in a heavy-duty foil bag. Loaded with chunks of bratwurst, red potatoes, mushrooms, and carrots