7 Places In Florida That Feel Like The Caribbean

Known for its sugary-white beaches and turquoise waters, Honeymoon Island in Florida mirrors the Caribbean's allure.

Honeymoon Island

With its blue waters and swaying palms, Islamorada offers a slice of the Caribbean in the Florida Keys. 


Just off the Florida Keys, Bahia Honda State Park boasts white sand beaches and clear waters ideal for snorkeling and sunset views.

Bahia Honda State Park

Accessible only by boat, Cayo Costa Island provides an unspoiled Caribbean-esque getaway with pristine beaches and abundant wildlife,

Cayo Costa Island

Known for its vibrant culture and pastel-colored buildings, Key West offers a blend of Caribbean charm and American history.

Key West

With its turquoise waters and vibrant downtown, St. Petersburg exudes Caribbean vibes with its beaches, museums, and outdoor activities year-round.

St. Petersburg

Miami's blend of Cuban influence, art deco architecture, and lively beaches makes it a top Caribbean-like destination in the US, perfect for culture and nightlife.