7 Telltale Ways Cats Show That They Love Their Humans


Cats express happiness and affection through purring, a soothing rumble emitted when they're relaxed and content.


When cats roll on the ground upon greeting, it's a sign of excitement  for attention, often accompanied by exposing belly as a gesture of trust.


By rubbing their cheeks or head against objects or people, cats mark their territory with scent glands as a display of affection and ownership.

Scratching cat

Scratching serves as both a visual and scent-based method of marking territory, with areas frequented by cats often associated with their owners.


Mimicking behavior from kittenhood, kneading signifies relaxation and affection, often observed during moments of bonding and comfort.

Playing cat

Playful interactions indicate enjoyment and trust, with cats often initiating games with loved companions.

Loving Eyes cat

Wide-open eyes and slow blinks convey trust and affection, with a slow "eye blink" being akin to a cat kiss.