8 Backyard Ideas to Transform Any Outdoor Space

Transform your apartment terrace with houseplants and faux putting green flooring, creating an outdoor oasis at any height.

Fake Your Own Jungle:

Opt for low furniture to maintain open views, blending your backyard seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Prioritize the View:

Highlight vineyard views with a dramatic chimney and tall windows under a steel pergola, designed for maximum visual impact.

Go Big at Home:

Choose benches for ample seating in your outdoor dining space, perfect for entertaining without compromising style.

Leave Room for Guests:

Create space for summer pizza nights with paneled walls and a functional outdoor dining setup, blending indoor and outdoor living.

Extend the Dining Room:

Keep indoor messes at bay with an outdoor handwashing station and shoe storage, ensuring cleanliness and convenience.

Add a Wash Station:

Enjoy cozy evenings around a fire pit with stylish lawn chairs, perfect for relaxed outdoor gatherings.

Take Inspiration From Summer Camp:

Create a private sanctuary with just a pool and sun lounger, embracing minimalism and tranquility in your backyard design.

Keep It Simple: