8 Best Fast-Growing Trees To Create Privacy Without A Fence

Bald Cypress

Native to North America, the Bald Cypress is well-suited for wet or swampy sites, tolerating standing water. It grows rapidly at 18 to 24 inches per year, reaching up to 100 feet tall and 40 feet wide.

Chinese Tallow Tree

Often used as a replacement for poplars in warmer regions, the Chinese Tallow Tree has a rounded shape and colorful fall foliage. It grows 12 to 18 inches per year, eventually reaching 40 feet tall.


Cottonwoods grow rapidly along rivers and moist areas, reaching up to 70 feet tall. Lombardy Poplars are used as screens, growing 40-50 feet tall.

Dawn Redwood

A fast-growing tree that reaches about 2 feet per year, eventually growing up to 80 feet tall. It resembles an evergreen with fine needles that turn red and brown in autumn.

European Black Alder

Native to Europe, this tree thrives in low, wet spots where other trees struggle. It grows quickly when young, slowing to 12-15 inches per year, reaching 40-60 feet tall.


Known for their vigor and strength, gum trees are fast-growing and range from 25 to 70 feet tall. They are suitable for western landscapes but struggle in high heat and humidity.

Japanese Pagoda Tree

Native to China and Japan, this tree requires little care, producing creamy flowers in summer. It grows 12-15 inches annually, reaching up to 75 feet tall and wide.

Lemon Bottlebrush

Tolerant of southern heat and drought, Lemon Bottlebrush grows 10-15 inches per year, eventually reaching 25 feet tall. It has red flowers that attract hummingbirds.