8 Chic French Hairstyles That Are Universally Loved

The Extra-Short Bob According to Bourquin, "the bob is still a classic for French women," particularly this ultra-French short bob. You can embrace the carefree with a cut that falls just below the ear, devoting more time to Parisian activities.

Ear-Skimming Bob Additionally, there is no one-size-fits-all extra-short bob. All hair types and textures look great when experimenting with an ear-skimming, French-inspired bob, as seen in this stunning cut by Elaine of Tight Curl Nation.

Mid-Length Bob with Bangs Not prepared for such a large chop? This gorgeous neck-length banged bob by stylist Chelsea Wolberg is proof that she has your back. Rather than working against Amy Berryman's hair texture, Wolberg worked with it to create the "perfectly undone" look of French hair.

Soft Shoulder-Length Layers Influencer Emanuelle Kofi, from France, has perfected the carefree vibe of a shoulder-length haircut. This cut's gorgeous soft shape and face-framing front pieces make it the ideal inspiration image for your upcoming hair appointment.

French Shag Despite its classic style, the world's fashion capital is not immune to trends. According to Bourquin, the shag is currently among the top three most popular haircuts in France, and stylist Skip Fellers has a perfect way of making this style feel even more Parisian.

Carved Banged Bob In need of a haircut that begs to be covered by a beret? Look no farther than stylist Vanessa Jenners' painstakingly carved chin-length bob.

Face-Framing Bob Lena Mahfouf, a French YouTuber, has the most voluminous bob in Paris. The distinctive, stylish cut that heeds Bourquin's advice to embrace your natural face shape and hair texture is achieved with the small bangs and round shape.

Blunt Shoulder-Length Cut Not prepared to go completely bob? Shoulder-length hair, like the classic blunt cut of French influencer Marielle Haon, might be the ideal compromise for you. Haon's Instagram feed demonstrates how this ensemble is the ideal blank canvas for hair ties, bows, and berets.

Choppy Pixie Stylist and Butterfly Salon Studio owner Kattia Solano never imagined she would have a short French pixie, but she had to think outside the box when she had to shave her head during treatment for ovarian cancer.