8 Cutest Short Hairstyles For Little Girls in 2024

Classic Bob for Girls

Short haircuts for little girls are both cute and timeless. A blonde bob is effortlessly charming and low-maintenance, perfect for busy moms.

Cute Pink Strip of Color

Add whimsy to your girl's haircut with playful touches like a funky pink strip. It's a fun way to jazz up her look without going too adult.

Angled Lob Cut for Girls

Choose a simple yet stylish cut for your little girl. An angled bob adds flair and suits most hair textures, making both you and your daughter happy with the result!

Cute Long Layers

Give your girl's shoulder-length haircut a makeover with long layers. It adds dimension and liveliness to her hair, making it more vibrant and easy to manage.

High-Low Haircut

Switch up the typical blunt bob for something more chic and trendy. An angular bob is both edgy and cute, perfect for stylish little ones and busy moms alike!

Textured Bob for Straight Fine Hair

For straight, fine hair, a medium-length bob with slight texture is ideal. It's easy to manage and the honey-blonde color adds a sun-kissed glow to her locks.

Medium-to-Long Cut with Light Layers

Add subtle layers to medium-length hair for movement and texture. It's a versatile style that works for both medium and longer locks, perfect for active young girls!

Medium Haircut with V-cut Layers

Thick, long hair looks fabulous with angled layers. This fun fringe adds flair to bright brunettes, giving them a stylish and trendy look!