8 Jobs That Used to Be Common but Are Vanishing

Travel Agents

Traditional travel agents face declining demand as travelers embrace online booking platforms for convenient trip planning.

Bank Tellers

Automated banking services and ATMs reduce the need for bank tellers, as more people manage finances digitally.

Video Store Clerks

Streaming services like Netflix have made physical video rental stores nearly obsolete, diminishing roles for video store clerks.

Newspaper Printers

Digital news consumption reduces the demand for printed newspapers, impacting jobs in newspaper printing.

Postal Workers

Digital communication and online billing lessen the need for postal workers, as traditional mail volume declines.

Manufacturing Workers

Automation in manufacturing reduces manual labor jobs, reshaping industries like automotive and electronics.


Digital resources diminish the role of librarians, as more readers access ebooks and online databases.


Self-checkout and online shopping decrease demand for cashiers in retail settings, as automated systems prevail.