8 Modern and timeless pixie haircut ideas to inspire your next 'do

The super short pixie haircut

The short pixie cut combines low-maintenance styling with a bold look. It can be worn untied for the "undone" cropped look that celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and Judi Dench frequently choose

Short and spiky pixie cut

This spiky pixie hairstyle is ideal if you want to maintain a little bit more length than the previous cut allows while still going for a statement look. Halle Berry looks amazing in this photo

The bleached super-short pixie

Should you be considering a color and style change, a bleached blonde pixie cut provides both flair and impact. With shorter hair, lightening and maintaining it with products like the best toning shampoos

The elfin pixie haircut

Emma Watson's classic pixie cut in the elfin style is quite sweet and youthful. It's another one of those cuts that can be properly fixed into this sleek, angular look or left unstyled for a softer effect.

Textured pixie

Layered, textured pixie cuts give this timeless look an extra "lived-in" touch. Actress Audrey Tautou's renowned disheveled crop, which exudes elegance, is the ideal illustration of this.

The polished pixie

Actress Léa Seydoux from No Time To Die is proof that few hairstyles look quite as nice slicked down as a pixie cut. It complements her appearance without drawing attention away from it

The short coily pixie

This really short pixie cut is incredibly stylish and provides the ideal low-maintenance styling option for anyone with coily or curly hair.

The choppy cut

We love a choppy pixie cut for people who want to stand out. It fits those with oval and heart-shaped faces well and is easy maintenance, yet it never fails to give an outfit a little extra pizzazz.