8 of the Best Boozy Drinks for Fourth of July

Kentucky Mule

Swap vodka for bourbon in this Fourth of July cocktail. Serve in a copper mug for an extra chill.

Sweet Tea Boysenberry Shandy

Combine sweet tea with beer for a refreshing twist. Experiment with flavors for the perfect Fourth of July drink.

Mixed Berry Sangria

Light and fruity, enjoy this sangria with fresh berries. Don't forget the spoons for post-drink delights.

Midwest Mary

Midwest style Bloody Marys with meat and cheese garnishes. Try this Fourth of July cocktail for a savory treat.

Blueberry Mojitos

Double or triple this mojito for a crowd. Make your own simple syrup for the perfect sweetness.

Spiked Lemonade

Add a tropical twist to your homemade lemonade with a splash of rum. Feeling adventurous? Swap out rum for vodka and enjoy the zesty goodness.


Brunch isn't complete without a Mimosa. Let the champagne and orange juice dance on your taste buds, perfectly balanced for a delightful morning or afternoon indulgence.

Blackberry Beer Cocktail

Cool off with a Blackberry Beer Cocktail, a refreshing blend of hard lemonade with a hint of beer fizz. Just remember, this one's for the grown-ups.