8 Old Baby Boomer Habits That Are Making A Comeback

Avoiding Retirement

Many baby boomers continue working past 65, opting for part-time roles, volunteer work, or creative pursuits instead of fully retiring.

Valuing Workplace Visibility

Baby boomers value being seen at work, often preferring in-person roles over remote work to maintain visibility and professional presence.

Embracing Self-Sufficiency

Raised to be self-sufficient, baby boomers often prefer working independently and solving problems without seeking help.

Effective Decision-Making Skills

Baby boomers rely on objective, rational decision-making, valuing clear and methodical planning over emotional responses.

Equating Authority with Experience

For many baby boomers, experience equals authority. They tend to trust older, more experienced individuals over younger, less experienced ones.

Competitiveness in the Workplace

Baby boomers bring a competitive spirit to their careers, striving for promotions and recognition through hard work and dedication.

Deriving Self-Worth from Jobs

Jobs are a significant part of baby boomers' identities. They take pride in their positions, tenure, and the companies they work for.

Balancing Optimism and Realism

Believers in the American Dream, baby boomers balance optimism with realism, knowing that hard work is essential for achieving goals.

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