8 Things That Used to Be Highly Respected But Isn t Anymore

Working in a School

Teaching was once a prestigious profession. However, given the status of education and income, it's hard to envision it as a feasible career option. It's sad because some brilliant teachers can't earn a living.


Facebook dominated social media, revolutionizing it. It's lost its appeal, particularly after Zuckerberg bought and destroyed prospective rivals. Poor leadership ruined a fine product.


Netflix was supposed to rescue us from expensive cable bills. Just another subscription channel. Ironically, every studio wants a piece of the streaming pie, making Netflix what it originally aimed to dethrone.

People s Privacy

We used to take privacy for granted. Now that surveillance technologies and data collecting are so easy, protecting personal data appears impossible. A tragic change from infrequent and expensive privacy infractions.

Making 20 Dollars an Hour

$20 an hour used to be good, but today it's barely enough. Even when you earn more, living costs rise. It's like working hard yet never earning enough to succeed.


Journalism's credibility is gone. The focus is now on entertainment and response rather than reporting. Finding balanced, informed news is difficult and a loss for truth-seekers.

The Academy Awards

Once important, the Oscars are now irrelevant. People are realizing it's more politics than art. We're merely spectators at this private celebrity gathering, and who wants to watch?

Being US President

The US President was formerly revered. Now, anybody can get a job, which isn't necessarily good. Politicians are more distrusted and despised.