8 Weird Things That Happen During A Solar Eclipse

Baily's Beads

Baily's Beads are a captivating phenomenon observed during a total solar eclipse. As the moon moves in front of the sun, the rugged lunar landscape allows beads of sunlight to shine through the moon's valleys and craters.

Solar Prominences

Solar prominences, also known as solar filaments, are immense structures of hot, glowing plasma held aloft by magnetic fields looping out from the sun's surface. These prominences are typically invisible against the sun's bright.

Temperature Drop

One of the most noticeable effects of a total solar eclipse is the rapid drop in temperature as the moon blocks out the sun's direct rays. The extent of this temperature decrease varies depending on factors such as geographical location.

Changes in Winds

During a total solar eclipse, observers may notice changes in wind patterns that coincide with the progression of the eclipse phases. As the moon begins to obscure the sun, the air often becomes still and calm, creating an eerie quietude.

Animal Behavior

Animals react uniquely to the sudden darkness and altered light conditions caused by a solar eclipse. Diurnal creatures, accustomed to the regular rhythms of day and night, may exhibit behaviors associated with twilight.

Radio Wave Interference

Eclipses can have intriguing effects on radio wave propagation, particularly in certain frequency ranges. Scientists have observed disruptions in radio communications during eclipses, which may be attributed to changes in the Earth's

Microbial Response

Studies conducted during solar eclipses have explored potential effects on microbial organisms. Research suggests that the sudden changes in light intensity during an eclipse may influence microbial growth and morphology. 

Eclipse Shadows

Eclipse shadows cast intriguing patterns on the ground during the passage of the moon between the Earth and the sun. As sunlight filters through small gaps in foliage or other objects, such as branches or leaves.