9 Best Exercises for Building Lean Muscle Mass

The deadlift is the exercise that puts the body under the greatest strain. Deadlifts frequently lead to notable increases in lower body strength and back thickness. Deadlifts also strengthen the core, which enhances the effectiveness of other heavy lifts like squats.

1. Deadlifts

2. Bent Over Rows Even though bent-over rows are a compound exercise, they target the lats, rhomboids, and lower trap region more than deadlifts do. Because bent over rows require a specific posture, they also work the muscles of the core and the spinal erectors.

3. T-Bar Rows Bent over rows and T-bar rows are comparable. The grip is what sets them apart, even though the posture is nearly identical. When performing T-bar rows, the wrists are facing each other in a semi-supinated position. This grip is ideal for mass building exercises.

4. Squats Squats are the best leg exercise without a doubt, if deadlifts are the ultimate way to build posterior chain mass. Seated at a height where the legs are parallel to the floor and loaded with a heavy weight across the back, severe damage is done to the central nervous system.

5. Leg Press Actually, my all-time favourite leg exercise is leg pressing. Leg pressing, in fact, works well through both low and high rep ranges, making it the ideal exercise to apply my Dramatic Transformation Principle (DTP) to. It's still a compound exercise.

6. Shoulder Press It takes strength to perform seated shoulder presses with heavy dumbbells. It's the ideal method for increasing volume in the deltoids' medial and anterior heads. Because it's a compound pressing motion, it can increase tricep strength and size at the same time. 

7. Decline Bench Press The greatest angle for attacking the chest, according to the legendary Dorian Yates, six-time Mr. Olympia, is the decline. It works not only the pec major but also the middle and upper part of my pecs as I push through the concentric phase.

8. Bench Press Flat The flat bench press is widely regarded as the benchmark for measuring pressing force. Everybody wants a big bench! Even if your objective is not to achieve a high score on a scoreboard, but rather to build muscle.

9. Barbell Curls Barbell curls are the best exercise for stimulating the muscles throughout both bicep heads. When the wrist is externally rotated using a straight bar, the biceps, especially the outer head, become more tense.