9 Best Types of Basil to Grow for Fresh Flavors

'African Blue' Basil:

Known for its unusual pink flowers, 'African Blue' basil is a favorite among bees and adds a vibrant touch to summer salads. Growing 18 to 24 inches tall, it's a striking addition to any garden.

'Amethyst' Purple Basil:

Bring a pop of color to your kitchen garden with 'Amethyst' purple basil. Featuring large, nearly black leaves on 16- to 20-inch plants, it offers a sweet flavor and eye-catching appearance.

'Aristotle' Basil:

With smaller leaves and a compact habit, 'Aristotle' basil is perfect for container herb gardens. Growing in a tidy mound up to a foot tall, it's a versatile and space-saving choice.

'Aromatto' Basil:

Standing up to 24 inches tall, 'Aromatto' basil boasts sturdy purple stems, green-and-purple leaves, and dark purple flowers. Its leaves emit a spicy cinnamon scent and offer a sweet flavor.

'Boxwood' Basil:

Resembling a boxwood shrub, 'Boxwood' basil is ornamental and tidy-looking. Growing to about a foot tall, it produces small leaves and spikes of pale lavender flowers.

'Cardinal' Basil:

Featuring big purple flowers, 'Cardinal' basil is a standout in gardens and bouquets. Its spicy-sweet leaves add flavor to various dishes, and the plant typically reaches 24 to 30 inches tall.

Cinnamon' Basil:

True to its name, 'Cinnamon' basil has green leaves with a strong cinnamon flavor and a hint of mint. Reaching 26-30 inches tall, it produces purple bracts and flowers that serve as attractive garnishes.

'Devotion DMR' Basil:

Bred for improved resistance to diseases like powdery mildew, 'Devotion DMR' basil is a superior version of the classic sweet basil. Growing 18 to 20 inches tall, it's ideal for culinary use.

'Everleaf Thai Towers' Basil:

Growing in an upright column up to 3 feet tall, 'Everleaf Thai Towers' basil adds structure to flowerbeds. With a licorice flavor typical of Thai basils, it's a versatile herb for cooking.