9 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winners

Comedy Wildlife Winners

Discover the uproarious top prize a kangaroo strumming air guitar! This year's winners celebrate whimsical wildlife moments that bring joy worldwide.

Conservation with a Smile

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards blend laughter with a vital message conserving biodiversity. Meet the creators and see how they're making a difference.

John Blumenkamp's Perspective

Highly Commended for capturing the "Monday Blahs" of a great gray owl, John shares his joy in blending conservation with humor through photography.

Air Guitar Roo Takes the Stage

Jason Moore's iconic kangaroo photo steals hearts as it jams out on invisible strings. Dive into the humorous side of nature with this winning shot!

Heartwarming Wildlife Moments

Explore Tzahi Finkelstein's "The Happy Turtle," capturing pure serenity as a turtle befriends a dragonfly. It's laughter and warm fuzzies combined!

Jacques Poulard's Sentient Snowball

A unique twist in wildlife photography a white grouse mistaken for a snowball. Discover the humor in nature's surprises with this Highly Commended photo.

Supporting Conservation

10% of profits from the Comedy Wildlife Awards go to the Whitley Fund for Nature, aiding global conservation efforts amidst habitat loss and biodiversity threats.

Join the Fun in 2024

Interested in showcasing your comedic wildlife photography skills? Learn how you can participate in the next year's competition!

Spread the Joy

From kangaroos rocking out to turtles making friends, these photos redefine wildlife photography with a playful twist.

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