9 Delicious Grilled Dinner Ideas to Add to Your Summer Rotation

Reverse-Seared Grilled Ribeye Steaks

Discover the "reverse sear" method for the juiciest steak. Start over indirect heat and finish with a direct heat sear for a perfect 15-minute grilling experience.

Smoky Paprika-Garlic Chicken

This warm, smoky paprika-marinated chicken gets a fresh twist with a sprinkle of mint. Perfect for slicing into pita with tzatziki or tucking into a bun with hummus.

Grilled Salmon and Leeks with Rosemary-Mustard Butter

An elegant, quick seafood dish featuring grilled salmon and leeks, served with rosemary-mustard butter. Ideal for dinner parties or date nights, ready in 30 minutes.

Whiskey Barrel Burgers

Juicy hamburgers with a whiskey-cheddar filling. Prepare the night before for a quick 20-minute grilling session that will impress any crowd.

Ribeye Steaks and Peaches

Pairing ribeye steaks with charred peaches and thyme offers a delightful surprise. This multitasking dish requires just 5 minutes for peach perfection as the steaks rest.

Espresso-Rubbed Steak with Green Chile Pesto

An extraordinary steak rub combining chili and espresso powders, topped with zesty green chile pesto for a chimichurri-inspired twist.

Grilled Veggie Pasta Salad

A vibrant, easy pasta salad featuring a variety of grilled veggies in a balsamic dressing. Perfect for adapting to seasonal market finds.

Summer Dogs

Elevate classic hot dogs with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and a corn relish. Add fresh jalapeño slices for a spicy kick to this family-friendly favorite.

All-American Chicken with Balsamic Barbecue Sauce

Achieve the perfect barbecued chicken by brushing on a homemade lager beer, white balsamic, and Asian chili sauce during the last 15 minutes of grilling.