9 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Own Yard or Garden

It's easy to grow from seeds, grows quickly, and doesn't cost much to take care of. Try our summer salad recipes with your veggies. If you're sick of all the pre-made salad mixes in stores, lettuce is a great plant to grow in your yard.


Planting herbs is easy, they produce a lot, and it costs less than buying fresh herbs. Fresh flowers from your yard can spice up any dish. Savory, dill, cilantro, and basil are all good plants to start with.

Annual Herbs

They make a lot of fruit, grow quickly, and come in many varieties. Check out these ways to cook green beans. Beans can be grown as bush beans, which stay bushy, or as pole beans, which need a support to climb.


It looks nice, can be harvested for a long time, and can be used in many ways in the home. (This lamb bake uses it.) Don't forget about this green plant; it needs to be in your yard.

Swiss Chard

They grow quickly and are usually easier to take care of than other tomatoes. You can also pick from a lot of different kinds. When cherry tomatoes start to ripen, they give you oodles and oodles of sweet little tomatoes.

Cherry Tomatoes

You won't have to spend much money on herbs because these plants will give you all the herbs you need for many years. Many herbs will grow back every year, so they're a great bet for your yard in the long run.

Perennial Herbs

If you want to make salads or pickles, cucumbers are crispest when they are just picked. You can be sure that each plant will give you a lot because they grow a lot.


Also, peppers taste best when they are straight from the yard. And there are a lot of different kinds, from very sweet to very hot! If you give peppers what they want, which is heat, heat, and more heat, they will make a lot of fruit.


You can gather kale well into fall because it is hardy and doesn't mind being cold. Some types can live through the winter and come back in the spring. Really healthy food kale is also really healthy plant!