9 Famous Foodies You Should Be Following in 2024

Known for his Michelin-starred restaurants and fiery personality, Gordon Ramsay's social media profiles offer a mix of gourmet dishes, cooking tips, and entertaining content.

Gordon Ramsay :

Beyond her celebrity status, Chrissy Teigen is renowned for her love of food and cooking. Her social media features delicious recipes, kitchen experiments, and insights into her culinary adventures.

Chrissy Teigen :

A household name in cooking, Jamie Oliver continues to inspire with his accessible recipes, advocacy for healthy eating, and engaging cooking tutorials.

Jamie Oliver :

As a host of "Top Chef" and an author, Padma Lakshmi shares her passion for global cuisine, food culture, and culinary discoveries through her social media platforms.

Padma Lakshmi :

A food writer and cookbook author, Alison Roman's Instagram and other platforms showcase her inventive recipes, food styling tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her cooking process.

Alison Roman :

Known for his adventurous palate and globe-trotting culinary explorations, Andrew Zimmern's social media is filled with food discoveries from around the world.

Andrew Zimmern :

Molly Yeh is celebrated for her fusion of Midwestern and Chinese-Jewish culinary influences. Her blog and social media feature delightful recipes, baking experiments, and farm life adventures.

Molly Yeh :

A prominent chef and restaurateur, Marcus Samuelsson shares his love for global flavors, culinary techniques, and food culture through his social media presence.

Marcus Samuelsson :

Joshua Weissman is a rising star in the food influencer scene known for his creative recipes, informative cooking videos, and engaging approach to food content.

Joshua Weissman :