9 Simple & Easy Dinner Ideas Your Family Will Love

Easy Pad Thai:

This quick and easy pad Thai recipe replicates the flavors of takeout in under 30 minutes, perfect for a fast weeknight dinner that s also budget-friendly.


Originating from Tucson, chimichangas are fried burritos stuffed with meat, onions, and chiles. This recipe combines authentic elements for a flavorful Tex-Mex dish.

Easy Crockpot Pot Roast:

A simple yet delicious pot roast recipe cooked in a crockpot, resulting in tender meat that melts in your mouth. Ideal for a comforting meal ready when you get home.

Cowboy Stew:

Made in a Dutch oven with only five ingredients, this stew can be prepared in 15 minutes. It s versatile, allowing for personalization with ingredients like spicy sausage or jalapenos.

Cube Steak and Gravy:

A hearty homestyle dish featuring slow-cooked beef served over mashed potatoes or noodles, perfect for a satisfying family dinner after a busy day.

Easy Chicken Tenders:

Golden and crunchy homemade chicken tenders, ideal for dipping and a favorite among picky eaters. A healthier and tastier alternative to fast food versions.


Similar in flavor to lasagna but without the layering, this dish offers a simpler way to enjoy classic Italian flavors on a weeknight.

Quick Coq au Vin:

A streamlined version of the traditional coq au vin using boneless, skinless chicken thighs braised in red wine. Perfect for a quicker weeknight meal.

Baked Feta Pasta:

A viral TikTok recipe known for its simplicity and creamy texture. Baked feta pasta requires minimal effort and time, making it a popular choice for pasta lovers.