9 Stunning Wedding-Nail Ideas For Any Type Of Bride

Modern Monochrome

Nail artist Lily, known as Princess and the Polish on Instagram, chose a solid, off-white color on medium-length, ballerina-shaped nails for an elegant, fun, and complementary look for the wedding day.

Simply Sheer

Nail artist Ella of Els Gels creates a popular look for brides with a sheer pink almond shape, using The GelBottle Teddy BIAB for a gorgeous manicure.

Glossy and Neat

London-based Mateja Novakovic s style features nude and glossy nails with a subtle matte half-moon shape (lunula) for a sophisticated look.

Dainty Detailing

Ari Bines recommends press-on nails for a DIY wedding manicure, highlighting the importance of accurate nail size measurement and using gold striping tape for a refined touch.

Soft Matte

Nail artist Bari Elizabeth crafted a soft, matte look with added dots to complement the white lace of her wedding dress, emphasizing the use of cuticle oil for beautiful hand/ring photos.

Pale Pink

Manicurist Stephanie Staunton used real diamonds for an extra-special sparkle in her pale pink stiletto nails, advocating for the use of cuticle oil to maintain healthy nail beds.

A Little Lace

Nail artist Danielle Thomas used alcohol ink for depth and gold leafing for a pop in her short marble nails with lace details, creating a romantic and intricate design.

Romantic French Tips

Manicurist Karina Maribel prefers a modern, simple French tip using OPI Gel Nail Polish, recommending Olive & June Quick Dry Top Coat for a glossy finish without a gel manicure.

Stiletto French Manicure

Nail artist Bou of Nails by Bou emphasizes the timeless elegance of French tips with a stiletto twist, perfect for memorable wedding photos.