9 Things Every House In The 90s Had That No One Sees Today

Sponge painting was a simple and widespread decorative technique in the 1990s, making walls look textured and artistic.

Sponge Painting:

Shutters were a trendy choice in 1995 for adding warmth and an architectural element to interiors, now great for repurposing projects.


Recessed lighting replaced track lighting in the 90s, providing a sleek look with adjustable "eyeball" lights for focused illumination.

Recessed Lighting:

Glass block walls made a stylish comeback in the 90s, used in showers and windows for adding light while maintaining privacy.

Glass Block Walls:

Large speakers and cassette tapes were staples for 90s home entertainment, now replaced by compact sound bars and streaming services.

Cassettes and Tall Speakers:

Bird scare balloons, used since at least the mid-90s, were effective in deterring woodpeckers, even solving NASA s fuel tank damage issues.

Bird Scare Balloons:

Placing a bar behind sliding glass doors was a common and straightforward security method to prevent break-ins in the 90s.

Sliding Glass Door Bar:

Traditional alarm clocks were ubiquitous in homes before smartphones became the primary tool for waking up.

Alarm Clocks:

The Chevy Astro van, a popular minivan from the 80s to the 90s, was commonly seen in neighborhoods, cherished for family travel.

Chevy Astro Van: