Best Kitchen Plants That Will Brighten Your Space in an Instant

This plant is much simpler to cultivate and care for for beginners. Leaves can form lovely foliage. Keep them in bright, indirect sunshine and repot rarely.

Peperomia Plant

Put it on the floor near your kitchen's entrance since it likes semi-dry conditions. It survives without watering for lengthy durations.

Ponytail Palm Plant

This plant is known for luck and happiness. Vastu experts say it may balance bad energy from improper gas burner or stove placement.

Money Plant

It is the plant that asparagus ferns thrive indoors in indirect light and humidity because to their fluffy fronds.

Asparagus Fern Plant

This low-maintenance plant with heart-shaped leaves thrives in pots and hanging baskets.

Heartleaf Plant

Begonias come in salmon, white, yellow, apricot, and red and have exquisite flowers and vibrant foliage. They thrive in dampness, so the kitchen is ideal.

Begonia Plant

Swedish Ivy is another good hanging basket plant because to its thick, cascading branches. Keep soil wet and light moderate.

Swedish Ivy Plant