Fast and Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your Garden

Floating Flowers

Elevate your spring dining experience by placing peony blooms in margarita glasses topped with tea lights for a simple yet elegant decoration.

Tool Teepee

Give old garden tools new life by repurposing them into a teepee trellis for climbing plants, adding rustic charm to any garden space.

Papasan Oasis

Create a cozy garden retreat by repurposing an inverted papasan chair base as a unique spot to hang curtain panels, offering shade and comfort for relaxation.

Garden Mirror

Enhance the depth of your garden room by adding a mirror among plants, creating an optical illusion that expands the space and adds visual interest.

Scoop Candleholder

Transform feed scoops into creative candleholders by placing them upright with candles in hurricane globes, offering a fresh perspective on garden illumination.


Add charm to your landscape with garden-themed pieces like a trowel doorknocker, sourced from antique stores or flea markets for a vintage touch.

Ice Luminaria

Illuminate your snow-covered landscape with wintry votive holders made from flexible plastic bottles filled with frozen poinsettia leaves, offering a festive glow to guests.

DIY Cold Frame

Repurpose salvaged windows into a charming cold frame, protecting tender sprouts with style while keeping costs down with reclaimed wood.