Hairstyles That Prove Headbands Are the Best Hair Accessory

Straight With Tendrils

A bandana works well for either preserving or shielding a blowout on days two or three. Here, it's worn simply over straight hair, framing the face with a few stray hairs left out.

Half-Up With Tied Fishtail Braid

This version of the fishtail braid, where the hair is styled half up, half down, and braided, then tied off at the top with a bandana, is so adorable.

Messy Ponytail

A disheveled ponytail may seem unfashionable, but adding a bandana makes it immediately fashionable. Use bobby pins to hold the scarf or bandana in place around the ponytail

Natural Curls

The waves will seem more natural the bigger the braid. This is a time-tested method that works particularly well for those with medium-to-thick hair to develop and manage air dry waves in their hair.

Curly Pixie With Bangs

You may wear a bandana quite well on a lob or curly pixie cut. Here, the ends and bangs show off natural curls since they are visible through the silk scarf.

Textured With Curtain Bangs

A silk scarf or bandana looks fantastic wrapped over long, textured hair. The lengthy, textured curtain bangs on this specific style help to keep it informal. Even those with straight hair may add texture

Protective Wrap

This stylish method of shielding hair from the weather is really lovely. Let the front curls of a bandana come out as you tie it into a turban.