Highest and lowest water levels in Lake Mead in the United States from 1970 to 2024

Early 1970s:

Water levels were likely rising as the Colorado River filled the reservoir after its initial construction phase. Data for specific highs aren't readily available.


Lake Mead reached its record high of approximately 1,225 feet (373 meters) above sea level. This reflects a period of abundant precipitation filling the reservoir.


Data isn't specific, but water levels remained generally high, likely above 1,200 feet.

Early 2000s:

A shift towards drier conditions began to cause water levels to decline.


News reports indicated Lake Mead hitting its lowest levels since the 1930s, reaching depths below 1,085 feet (331 meters).

February 15, 2024:

A water level update showed Lake Mead at 1,075.15 feet (327.7 meters).

Present (June 2024):

Specific data for June 2024 isn't available, but the trend suggests ongoing decline.


Predictions are uncertain, but continued drought conditions could push Lake Mead to even lower levels.