How to Do a Pull-Up for a Strong Upper Body

What Do Pull-Ups Work?

Your upper-body muscles will suffer from pull-ups. Strength and conditioning specialist Laura Su, CSCS, your rhomboids and rotator cuff muscles are implicated.

They Improve Posture

Strong upper back and core muscles are vital for proper posture and preventing other body discomfort.

They Support Daily Functioning

Lat-building pull-ups can make opening a heavy door or lifting a box of holiday decorations off the floor easier.

They Challenge You Mentally

You have wings when you hold that bar and lift yourself. You see a tireless spirit in yourself even as you begin or continue your pull-up quest.

How to Do a Pull-Up

Put your hands on a pull-up bar slightly wider than shoulder-width. Face your palms ahead.

Pull-Up Form Tips and Common Mistakes

Su perceives people pulling themselves up to the bar with their biceps as a major technique error.