How to Style Your Medium Hairstyle with Layers and Bangs

With moist, clean hair, start. In particular, if you intend to use heated styling tools, protect your hair from heat damage by using a heat protectant spray.


Start by using a round brush to blow-dry your hair. To enhance volume and raise your roots, use the brush. Use the round brush to blow-dry the bangs in the desired direction


Before blow-drying, apply a volumizing mousse or spray to the roots of your hair for additional volume. For lift and fullness, concentrate on the crown region.

Adding Volume

You can add loose curls or waves to your hair or straighten it, depending on your style. For straight hair, use a flat iron; for curls, use a curling wand.

Straightening or Curling

Using a tiny bit of texturizing cream or pomade on your fingertips, gently tousle the ends of your hair to bring out the texture of your layers.


After you're happy with the way everything looks, put the look in place using a light-hold hairspray. To prevent your hair from seeming stiff or burdened down, try not to use too much product.

Finishing Touches

Use a round brush or a flat iron to style your side-swept bangs in the right direction. For more texture and grip, you can also dab just a tiny bit of pomade or styling wax on your bangs.

Styling Bangs

To improve your hairdo and add a unique touch, think about including barrettes, headbands, or clips as hair accessories.

Accessorize (Optional)