The 8 Most Inactive Animals on Earth

Cuckoo Bird

Cuckoo birds don't take care of their own eggs. Instead, they lay them in other birds' nests. This is called "brood parasitism." Sometimes, cuckoos even make their eggs look like the other birds' eggs.


Lemurs are lazy creatures who sleep a lot, about 16 hours every day. Usually, they spend their awake time by themselves, eating. But when it's bedtime, they gather together and sleep in groups.


Pigs really like rolling around in mud. They also sleep a lot, usually about 12 to 14 hours every day! Since they enjoy being around others, pigs like snuggling up together when they take naps.

Nurse Shark

Unlike most sharks that need to keep swimming to breathe, nurse sharks are different. They can stay still on the ocean floor for a long time without needing to move to breathe. They spend over half of their day resting like this.

Giant Panda

Giant pandas are really good at taking naps. They sleep for about 12 hours every day, but in short bursts of three hours each time. Why do they sleep so much? It's because they eat a lot of bamboo, which is their favorite food.


Echidnas are spiky animals that live on the ground. They sleep a lot about 12 hours every day! They live in hot places in Australia, but they can't sweat or pant like us to stay cool.

Owl Monkey

Owl monkeys are special because they're the only monkeys that are active at night. They sleep for about 17 hours each day, making them one of the laziest animals.


Pythons seem scary, but they're actually pretty lazy. They sleep for up to 18 hours a day and when they're awake, they move really slowly, like traffic that keeps stopping and going.