These 8 Dog Breeds Come With a Hefty Price Tag

Known for their majestic appearance and guarding instincts, Tibetan Mastiffs command a high price due to their rarity and demand among dog enthusiasts.

Tibetan Mastif

With their fluffy white coat and friendly demeanor, Samoyeds are sought after as family pets, leading to their higher price tag.


Despite their wrinkled faces and comical expressions, English Bulldogs can be expensive due to breeding challenges and health issues associated with the breed.

English Bulldog

Renowned for their strength and loyalty, Rottweilers are often bred for working and show purposes, contributing to their higher price.


With their bat-like ears and affectionate nature, French Bulldogs are popular among urban dwellers, leading to their premium price tag.

French Bulldog

Despite their small size, Pomeranians are known for their fluffy coats and lively personalities, making them desirable companions and driving up their cost.


Originating from Japan, Akitas are prized for their loyalty and protective instincts, leading to their higher price as guard dogs and family pets.


With their striking appearance and independent nature, Siberian Huskies are sought after as sled dogs and companions, contributing to their elevated cost.

Siberian Husky